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Tarisar 1 year ago
A solar flare causes a worldwide electromagnetic pulse. Power grid is gone. Computers are useless. All communications are down. Electronics are fried. Immediately, your car won't start. Street lights and traffic signals gone. Within a week, your grocery store is empty. Without power, anything not taken spoils. That neighbor you waved to is getting hungry and he has four children and a wife to feed. It would be a scary world.
Vosida 1 year ago
lady at 5:00 right side plz
Grojinn 1 year ago
Anybody want to come down this to me?
Gazahn 1 year ago
Hey gorgeous I'm in your city and would like to link up and shoot a video or 2 . Btw your content is on point and would like to add to it. Let's get in contact and make something happen :)

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